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Suport BIPOC Owned Businesses

Suport BIPOC Owned Businesses
10 Jun 2020 by LOCO BC

It's time to end white supremacy. We all have a lot of work to do to address our own biases, and to work to end systemic racism in B.C. and the rest of Canada. I hope you're all doing your own personal work, integrating it into your business, and leveraging your privilege to upset entrenched systems.  


As consumers and businesses, we can use our spending to support the kind of world we want to live in. Please consider supporting businesses owned by black, indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC) owners and the organizations that support them. Here are a few you might consider:  

Black-Owned Business Resources

Check our LOCO BC's #BCBuyLocal features on black-owned businesses as part of Black Futures Month.

Black Entrepreneur & Business Directory of BC: 

Black Business Association of BC:

Black-owned businesses across Canada:

Black Business Direct: Canadian Black Chamber directory.

BIPOC food businesses in Vancouver. 

Black-owned business directory (mostly U.S., but a growing list of Canadian businesses at the end - scroll way down)

Black-owned business funding sources (mostly US): 

Mental health resources for black men:

Indigenous-Owned Business Resources

Check our LOCO BC's #BCBuyLocal features on Indigenous-owned businesses as part of Indigenous Peoples' Month.

Indigenous Business and Investment Council Directory:

KTunaxa Nation Kootenay Aboriginal Business Directory:

Squamish Nation Directory (kind of old):

Metis Business Directory:

STÓ:LŌ Nation Business Directory:

CAMSC certified Aboriginal and Minority-owned Suppliers.

Lift Collective has a list of women-owned indigenous enterprises

The Small Business BC Marketplace lists many Indigenous-led businesses. 


In our organizations, we can work to eliminate bias and help end systemic racism. Here are some resources and consultants who can help you do it. Many more are out there - do your research, and ask around:

Reconciliation Canada: Reconciliation Learning Experiences for Organizations.

KinSHIFT: helps settlers cultivate relationships with Indigenous peoples and place. A four workshop series is available several times per year. 

MOSAIC: Intercultural Competency Training.

AMMSA Diversity and Inclusion Training.

Qmmunity Queer Competency Training.

Guide on Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community (US based), with resources for help: